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Camp Manager

Reporting to: Varsity Managing Director
Position: Temporary full-time
Pay: TBC per week inc. holiday pay (based on a 60 hour week)
Dates: Sunday 5th July to Sunday 16th August 2020



Varsity International is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all staff to share this commitment.
Summary of Duties & Responsibilities:
  • Manage the camp on a day to day basis
  • Lead and manage staff to achieve high standards in all areas of camp
  • Take responsibility for the daily timetable
  • Complete management tasks essential to the smooth running of the camp
  • Take responsibility for all boarding houses overnight
  • Take responsibility for weekly excursions for the children off site, ensuring their enjoyment and safety
  • At all times behave in a manner that reflects the expectations of Varsity International
  • Show the required energy, enthusiasm and professionalism for the duration of the season, acting as an ambassador for Varsity International, and behaving as a suitable role model for staff and children
  • Attend all training, induction and set up days to ensure you are 100% ready to deliver an awesome summer to every child.
  • Qualified teacher with extensive experience of working with children
  • Experience of working within a residential or boarding environment would be beneficial but not essential
  • Experience of managing people, preferably in a school or education setting
  • Enthusiastic, energetic with a can-do attitude
  • Enjoy working with and developing children through activity
  • Experienced in session delivery with the ability and experience to lead others within this aspect. Ability to observe and offer support and/or improvement points
  • Excellent organisation and communication skills
  • Flexible with the ability to adapt to dynamic situations and the challenges of a residential camp
  • Someone looking for a challenging, hugely rewarding and fun job in the summer holiday
Hours & Benefits:
  • 60-hour week with at least one full day off per week.
  • Free meals for the duration of your contract regardless of if you are on or off shift.
  • Free accommodation – single occupancy room, shared bathroom.
Training, Induction and Camp Set Up:
  • SMT Training weekend in Oxford – Saturday 22nd June and Sunday 23rd June
  • Induction and Camp Set Up – Sunday 7th and Monday 8th July 2019

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Detail of Key Responsibilities:

Managing the Camp

You will be responsible for the delivery of all aspects of camp and hold ultimate on-site responsibility for all students and staff. You will deliver camp through the positive and effective management of 2 Assistant Camp Managers, multiple Activity Instructors and multiple EFL Teachers with close support from the Varsity International Managing Director and Academic Programme Manager.

Management of Staff

You will lead staff by example, setting and maintaining high standards and addressing any shortcomings in a timely fashion. You will utilise all staff, using them to their strengths/skills/capabilities, ensuring all students have a memorable, fun learning experience and are able to access all activities. You will manage the staff rota to ensure you are neither over nor under staffed and that children are always safe, happy and in good health.

Pastoral Management

You will be responsible for the pastoral care of all residential children within our boarding houses. You will lead and oversee the creation of a relaxed, happy and caring environment, maintain good discipline and ensure children are having a great time, are fit, healthy, sleeping well, eating well and achieving academically. We take a pro-active approach to our responsibilities regarding this, building relationships with each child to understand how they are feeling on any given day.

Management of Parents and Agents

You will deal with parent questions, requests, feedback and concerns within a timely fashion working to answer questions, accommodate reasonable requests, act on feedback and address concerns. At all times you will build parent/agent confidence with nothing being too much trouble. You will use your judgement to find the best course of action in each case consulting the Varsity International Managing Director and Academic Programme Manager early and often to ensure the best customer service is given and the best result is achieved for the child.    

Management Tasks and Organisation

You will hold responsibility for all management tasks and delegate them to the other senior managers, activity instructors and teachers. You are responsible for the implementation of process and procedure across the venue including all stakeholders. At all times you and the staff you manage must keep accurate records of aspects such as attendance, incidents, accidents, medication and maintain an open line of communication to the Managing Director regarding the welfare of children on camp. You will be the main point of contact for the host school and maintain a positive commercial relationship.   

Managment of Excursions

You will be part of the staff team who lead excursions for the children visiting cities and attractions such as London or Thorpe Park. You will take responsibility for the overall management of the excursion, ensuring staff and children are following our policy and procedures when off site and ensuring everyone remains safe and enjoys their experience.