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Specialist Choice Activities

Develop and learn new skills

Specialist Choice Activities

These are perfect for students wanting to develop and learn new skills in a sport or activity they are passionate about. Delivered by qualified instructors at venues specific to the activity, they run for 2 mornings or 2 afternoons per week with each session being 2
hours long. These optional activities are available from 14th July onward and carry an additional cost (see prices page).

Please also note that students will miss the timetabled activity sessions whilst taking part in the Specialist Choice Activity.


Sessions are delivered by a visiting golf professional and taught at Cothill on the school’s own 9-hole course. Each session begins with a warm up then straight into the coaching which includes short game tuition, long game club selection, approach choices and tuition, awkward lies and stances.

Horse Riding

Students will visit a local stable for their two-hour session which includes tacking up and brushing, riding, untacking and washing down. Led by qualified instructors who are experienced in teaching riders from beginner to advanced level. Our sessions are ideal for both the novice rider wanting to do more and the experienced rider looking to further their skills.

Outdoor Adventure

Experience the thrill of being in a harness amongst the tall tree tops and go wild on the water in the great outdoors around Oxford. This Specialist Choice Activity is great for those wanting to raise their heart beat. Activities may include high ropes, ziplines, Jacobs ladder,
and stand up paddle boarding.


Sessions take place at our local Tennis centre where our experienced, LTA-qualified coach takes players of all abilities through their paces. The sessions include coaching in all areas of the game; technique, positioning and shot selection on high quality, indoor or
outdoor courts.

Extra English

For students looking to focus further on their English, we offer 5 additional hours of English tuition each week. Taught in small groups, Extra English allows students to focus on any areas they may wish to improve.

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