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Oxford - Homestay


Stay with a British family

We offer students aged 10-14 from around the world the opportunity to improve their English and take part in a great range of activities alongside English children. Students benefit from staying with a local British family, attending our English and Integrated Activity programme each day at Cothill House School alongside their host child. 

About Varsity Homestay

  • Hosted by a local British family
  • 12 hours of English lessons per week
  • Integrated activities with British children
  • 1 full day excursion per week
  • Weekends and some evenings spent with the host family
  • Peace of mind – Varsity International sets high welfare standards and are specialists in accommodating young learners

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Our Families

We spend a lot of time finding suitable families and will only place an international student if we feel the fit is totally right. Our aim is to find families who have children of a similar age to the International student staying with them. The intention being for the British child to attend camp with the international student each day. The family will;

  • host a student for a minimum of one week but ideally for the student’s full time in England
  • treat the international student as a member of their family, ensuring they are healthy and happy during their stay
  • drop their child(ren) and the international student at camp each day and pick them up
  • host each evening (if not on camp) and on Sat and Sun
  • provide the student with a bed, meals (when the children are not on camp), access to Wi-Fi, a landline etc.

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