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Cothill House School – the ideal venue for young learners.

It’s 8.55am on a quiet summers day in July 2018 and I’m stood next to our Tipi in the middle of the Varsity Cothill House campus. The weather is already warm, I’m enjoying listening to the birds singing and I’m reading what is on the timetable for today. It’s peaceful and I take a moment to appreciate what a lovely place this is to be…..but then….. Read more >


What is Bushcraft?

The term ‘bushcraft’ isn’t it seems, a term used in many other countries. We’ve found a lot of people who enquire about our residential Ultimate Survival Programme haven’t come across the term. Read more >


Lifelong memories and learning for fluent English speakers…

Even children who are advanced at speaking English as a second language have the potential to improve. The improvements can be subtle but significant; it could be in the range of words used, accent, pronunciation or confidence. Read more >


Not all integration is created equal…

The integration of local British children and international students has been the ‘Golden Ticket’ for summer language programmes in recent years. Some have tried and engineered various ways of trying to achieve this, but few have done it successfully. Read more >

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