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Oxford Residential

An outstanding International Summer camp for younger students aged 8-14


Oxford Summer Camp is Varsity International’s residential summer school. We are an international English language and activity summer camp based in Oxford. Uniquely, our camp is designed both for international and UK students allowing them to integrate through their shared love for sports, the arts or adventure.

We offer two programme options;

English and Multi-Activity >

English and Specialist Academy >


Learn English with English Children

Both our programme options are designed as week long courses, with students attending for a minimum of two weeks. This means students have the option of either choosing our packed Multi-Activity programme for their whole stay or opting to specialise for some of their weeks and complete one of our Specialist Academy courses.

If you have English as your first language or have an advanced level (C1+) we also have a Fluent English Speaker programme that does not include English language lessons.

International students benefit from first-class English tuition plus all our activities and academies are delivered in English by British instructors and coaches alongside English-speaking students. British children even join us on one of our excursion each week. True

We have access to brilliant facilities in and around Oxford where we deliver our programmes to the very highest standards. Our staff are committed to ensuring students have a fantastic summer full of memorable experiences.

We look forward to welcoming you to Oxford in 2018!

We are unique!

Experts at providing high quality activity and learning programmes for younger learners, we offer more than just a normal language school – real integration with British children. Unlike other language schools, we are part of a group of companies who specialise in delivering activity camps, elite sports coaching and outdoor survival courses to British children during the school holidays. This means our international students are immersed in English language, reinforcing classroom learning and continually improving their vocabulary, conversation, pronunciation and other aspects of English.

Why Us?

  • Superb Oxford location
  • Integration with British children with 1:2 British to international ratio
  • Fantastic activity and Specialist Academy programme
  • Engaging English programme with qualified teachers – maximum class size of 12 students
  • Outstanding student care from experienced and approachable staff – overall staff to student ratio
    at least 1:8
  • 3 full-day excursions every 2 weeks
  • Brilliant evening programme including spy night, toasting marshmallows around the campfire, discos and more

English & Multi Activity

English language teaching, social time, excursions and our exciting multi activity programme. Suitable for all English language abilities.

English & Specialist Academy

English language teaching, social time, excursions and specialist coaching in their chosen activity. Suitable for English language ability of intermediate or above.

Fluent English Speaker

Multi Activity or our Specialist Academy Programme for native English speakers and very high level non-native speakers or C1 level and above.