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Brochure, Dates and Prices

Multi-Activity + English

£395 per week (Monday to Friday)

Oxford, Headington: 9th July – 24th August

Oxford, Chandlings: 23rd July – 24th August

Oxford, Abingdon: 16th July – 17th August

London, Kingston: 9th July – 17 August

London, Sutton: 16th July – 24th August

London, Surbiton: 9th July – 17th August

Ascot: 16th July – 17th August

Cheltenham: 16th July – 17 August

Bristol: 23rd July – 24th August

Birmingham: 16th July – 17th August

Survival + English Day Camps

£395 per week (Monday to Friday)

Oxford: 23rd July – 24th August

Optional Ultimate Survival Camp Out every Thursday evening is an additional cost of £35 per week.